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by Western Homes

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released October 21, 2016

written performed & designed by Western Homes
recorded by Evan Kleinecke
mastered by Louie Lino



all rights reserved


Western Homes Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Mind the Gap
you're perfect at pleasantries / it's the subtext that's upsetting me / so thin is your smile and so narrow your eyes / for no reason that I can see / you keep coming back to me / to remind me it's over / you're out of my life / you track every complaint but there's facts that you're leaving out / trying nothing won't erase this lingering doubt / I've run long enough to realize what you're all about / you bite at your lip / you sigh and you turn / and all you can say is it doesn't concern you no more / each turn is a drawn-out choice / that wears out my speaking voice / I've read all the signs you don't have to explain / that each separate snub is an indirect stab at me / placed in a file for my posthumous biography / what makes you so certain you'll have time what with minding the widening gaps between / who you say you are who you think you are and who you actually are in real life
Track Name: Move to the City
move to the coast troubled soul she said / and leave all your troubles behind you / we got streets paved with stars and a restaurant code / you'll be working here awhile / you can sell your ideas with a tight-enough shirt / we view surgery as investment / and the dialogue's fitting / you're too pretty to move to the city / you're too pretty to move to the city alone / move to the city with me / meanwhile central standard I've had time to reflect / and I don't like the things that I see / if I can't change your mind then I have to protect / protect you the best way that I can / I work selling things that no one needs / there's probably jobs like that in L.A. / though the prospect's forbidding / I know a director / we can shoot a video / you can network it will be great / and when you get your big break / you can write me in / flawed hero pulls the trigger but not me / I just feel safer here in Des Moines / now I live alone and sing songs to my shirts / and you've got a Golden Globe / and the irony's a pity
Track Name: For a Little While
staying up late writing working out some things / it never seems the way it did back then / they say time heals and it sure has been a long long time / I don't know why but she makes me feel at home / running down and making all the same mistakes / she always knows just how to shift the blame / if I say something right maybe she'll hold me for a little while / I don't know why but she makes me feel at home / notes are struck at random but the tune's the same / it's always just as simple as you think / just because I'll forgive her doesn't make it right / I don't know why but she makes me feel at home
Track Name: Fit for a Bin
just a name on a subdivider at a well-managed record store / sometimes I see my name in the cut-out bin / and I have to laugh / I've done the math / and it's all that I can do to let it be / it's not as though I didn't pick up a single thing / I can go days without normal sleep / I have seen the best-lit corners of the darkest bars / so forgive us all our sins / cleanse us from within / if at least only once we slightly rocked